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Book review of Bena’s Summer by Shibal Bhartiya

Bena’s Summer by Shibal Bhartiya is a nostalgic, sweet and yet, a very serious read. The story revolves around Benazir, Bena in short. Actually, not just the story, but everyone in the story revolves around Bena too. Growing up in a joint family, eight-year-old Bena is the centre of attention of everyone in the house. Reading about her, you might think she is the jolliest girl on the planet.⁣

Frolicking with her cousins all day, Bena’s summer depicts the fun age of 70s and 80s wonderfully. The morals, the delight of living in a joint family, the culture, it’s all…

Master Your Money, Master Your Life by Abhishek Kumar⁣

I am always wary of reading books related to Money management as they keep on going about the age-old jargons of how not to spend money and invest more and etc. Truth to be told, these jargons don’t work anymore in today’s time, where money has considerably lost its value and life has become quite fast. What we need are ideas and suggestions that are quite simple and less time-consuming. So yeah, I was quite apprehensive when I started reading the book ’Master Your Money, Master Your Life by Abhishek Kumar. But when I slowly walked through these pages, I…


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